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Clarify Your True Voice

Feeling powerfully seen, heard, and understood for who you are beyond what stops you, is hugely transformative. Relax in the certainty that you have a highly experienced mentor/cheerleader in your corner, guiding your True Voice; blitzing through any road blocks in your self-expression to Clarify, Connect & Communicate the Truth of Who You Are for Life. It is time to connect the missing dots to successfully communicate your unique Voice, Vision and Value to the World.

Connect Your Authentic Power

When you get clear on what you are really committed to and value on the deepest level, you can identify what’s limiting you now, and bypass potential roadblocks ahead. When we align your Free Voice with your Future Vision, You will move from a feeling of uncertainty and inertia, to Unlock your Authentic Power, Freedom and Authority as you speak your truth to power. It is time for your communication to become easy with Vocalezy. Consider this Your Alarm Call Awakening You to Your Souls’ Birth Right.

Communicate Your Vision

 As you gain  greater mastery of your voice, you will ground your sound more deeply into your body and your being. You are now clear how you want to move forward and  how to create the breakthrough results you are committed to manifesting in your life. Next, using several extraordinary transformational tools, we will work together to revolutionize your vision from internal imagining to external reality. You now feel inspired, liberated unstoppable and free to shine. Lights, Camera, Action, A New Star is Born

Time to Rise & Shine

When you speak now, you command attention; people really listen. As you finally take a stand for yourself, you feel seen, heard and respected for the authority that you are. As the road ahead becomes clear, it is immeasurably easier to identify your specific goals and next steps. With unstoppable commitment and authentic purpose, we will devise a personalised plan of action for you to follow to align your glittering future with the present moment. Let’s Get Started Right Now! It’s Time to Rise and Shine!

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With over 30 years experience as an Inspirational Coach, Master Mentor,  Best Selling Author, International Speaker and Opera Diva, I have combined a semi-professional  singing career, with Coaching Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders & Performers in Self-expression, Authentic  Communication, Presentation, Leadership and Peak Performance. I simultaneously gained invaluable life lessons over many years, accompanying hundreds of people through the most challenging life circumstances in facing cancer diagnoses and treatments and end of life transitions.

These Contrasting Worlds gave me the Most Extraordinary 360 Degree View on Life and What Really Matters!

I can empower anyone on the planet to Clarify, Connect & Communicate your True Voice, Vision and Value to the world. In introducing my ground -breaking ‘Vocalezy‘ 3-Step Communication Success System, I invite you to share the priceless benefits of my life’s work.

VOCALEZY is spelled differently ( Vocal +E, Z, Y ) as it is different to any other transformational program anywhere, using Your Own Unique Voice as the Master Key to Unlocking your Authentic Power & Access to Success.

E stands for the Easy, Fun, magical vocal exercises I use, to get you out of your head when speaking, allowing your heart to take the microphone.

Z stands for the last letter in the alphabet, and the last time you will ever be stopped in being free to be yourself when communicating.

Y stands for saying Yes to Success. You finally take a stand for being seen , heard, respected and understood as you deliver your WHY, living a life of your own  conscious design and without regret.

The access to Transformation is powerfully listening to what’s going on for you, then lovingly supporting and guiding you, as you take a stand for being seen and  heard as the only logical authority in your own area of expertise. We will activate the quality of life you envision and desire, and the realization of your highest purpose, and your best life imaginable.

Your Transformation can begin now, this very moment, with one single word: YES! Life is only ever NOW

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Let’s Get Connected!

Clarify Your True Voice

Your Voice is an extension of your identity, a part of who you are, and it carries a unique vibration which people feel on an energetic level. Most people have little awareness of the power their voice carries in influencing others or in creating the results they are committed to experiencing in life. We are attracted to some people because of their voice and distance ourselves from others whose voices bark, grate or irritate. The voice can communicate to peoples heads or their hearts. Ask yourself, what does your voice say about you? There is a world of wisdom available to anyone who seeks mastery of their communication, and it starts with getting to know your own voice and learning how to use your voice to  consciously communicate who you are.

Connect to Your Vision

We are always attracting what we want or what we don’t want into our lives. There is great power in consciously deciding what you want to create and exclusively focusing on this outcome, taking an uncompromising stand for the specific results we desire. Without clear commitment and the creation of the feeling of certainty of these results happening, we default to being hopeful or resign ourselves to accepting less than we know is possible.

Communicate Your Truth to Power

Your Voice has had several manifestations as you developed through all the stages in your life until now, and you may have masked the truth of who you really are to conceal past hurts,  fears and vulnerable emotions,  in order to present an edited version of yourself to win this game of life. True vocal freedom now becomes available and lies in releasing yourself from the shackles of the past and trusting your heart to do the talking. Having re-discovered your True Voice, now we get to play with several tools for transformation to stack the odds of success firmly in your favour. You will love exploring several new ways of thinking and relating which will blow you away with the possibility for phenomenal results to show up, beyond what you yet can appreciate. Expect breakthroughs in all relationships in your life, both personal and professional, as you redirect your Voice to communicate from your heart, not your head. Now  you are free to delve into the areas of your life, where you don’t even know what you don’t know, and this is where miracles can show up. Success may be just around the corner!

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‘Angelo De La Vie’
(The Angel of Life)

My Mission is the Upliftment of Humanity in Our World Today and the Emancipation of the Spirit to Transcend All Human Suffering. It is Time for the People of the World to Wake -Up and Discover the Greatest Mysteries of Life and the Role of Conscious Choice and Human Values in this Transformation”

Set in Modern Times, You are Invited to Share in the Extraordinary Conversations Inspired by these Heart-Warming True-Life Stories.

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How to get fired up

How to Get Fired-up When Feeling Locked-Down!

Unleash A New Vision for Your Life and Discover your Greatest Purpose Possibility, Passion and Power.

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‘Holy God Speaks’ to John    Children’s Book

“A Universal Message for All Children, Encouraging A Personal Relationship With God as Love”

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